Bainbridge Island School District, 1st grade teacher – general education classroom:

Running a classroom full of 1st graders is no easy task.  But add a handful of students who have extra special requirements to this busy room and this particular classroom management becomes even more challenging with different obstacles on a daily basis.  But thanks to an amazing teacher out in Bainbridge Island School District, this classroom full of 1st graders are well on their way to amazing things in their first grade year.  Amii Pratt, a young teacher doesn’t just teach, she inspires.  Students, families, other teachers, and outside professionals leave her classroom inspired to work harder, because… “if she can, so can I”.  Most importantly she inspires each and every one of her students, but the families that come through her door every year find inspiration and support in this very busy and diverse classroom as well.

Unfortunately, her perseverance in teaching has been recognized by having more and more and more challenging students come through her door each year.  One trick she uses to keep not only her students organized, but also keep her paraeducators and substitute teachers organized and on the same page together, are IEP binders for each of her students on IEPs.  In the binders you will find for each student, their IEP, daily schedules, activities to work on during down time, lists of reinforcers, reinforcement schedules, behavior plans, data sheets, graphs, and notes to each other, all nicely organized with dividers.  This is where you will find her staff turning for answers so that she can continue doing what she does so incredibly well….. teaching each and every one of her students while pushing them all to their greatest potential.  Thank you Amii!!